Business and family dinners

Family and business gatherings

Our offer for a family dinner or a business meetings usually includes a soup and a main dish, cold drinks served in jugs and a dessert with a cup of coffee or tea. You can also choose an option with starters and wine included. Please contact with us!



Platter of our homemade cakes – chocolate cake, cheesecake, apple pie

or dessert to choose:

Chocolate cake with caramel and homemade jam served with whipped cream and chocolate sauce

Vanilla Delight – sweet hot raspberries and vanilla ice cream served with whipped cream

Hot beverages to choose:

Coffee – black, white, cappuccino

Tea – black, Earl Grey, green

Jugs of water and juice – no limit

Price – 30 zł/ per person

with a glass of wine – australian dry Whistling Duck – red or white – 150 ml per person

Price – 40 zł/ per person